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Client: Tees N More

Skills: Print Design

Website: teesnmore.ca

Tees ‘N’ More offers highly competitive pricing on printed and blank apparel items. As a veteran wholesaler and distributor, not only will we guarantee a competitive price point, we will guarantee authenticity and uniqueness in our brand. This will open a whole new realm of possibilities for your customer base to choose from and indulge on.

Case Study

  • Tees N More has been supplying retailers across Canada with printed and blank apparel products first hand for nearly 20 years. While their highly competitive pricing had helped them grow to one of Ontario's largest apparel wholesalers, they were now looking for new ways to cost-effectively market their business and acquire even more customers.

    Traditional marketing mediums like flyers and newspaper ads were not longer driving sales as they had once did, and while they had hired numerous web development companies over the years, all they had gotten was a pretty website that produced almost no tangible results.

  • Our first step was to create a website that was not only highly professional and aesthetically pleasing, but one that also produced a significant amount of leads every month. A pretty website that doesn't rank well on Google or drive relevant traffic doesn't increase your bottom line. We also implemented numerous tracking tools to help create more transparency and help the company accurately determine their return-on-investment from this project.

    The second step was to help the company move away from "cheapest price" and more towards "high quality apparel with excellent customer service and all at unbeatable prices as well."

    While price is important, it is not the only factor that customers look at. In order to connect with more local small businesses, Tees N More had to begin developing a more professional local image to show business owners that the company could not only provide the best prices, but also a very high level of quality and customer service.

    RevUp Group is currently in the process of re-designing the Tees N More retail store to create a more professional look and a better corporate experience. Check back soon for more details.

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