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Client: Platform 302

Skill: Business Development

Website: platform302.com

This is not just your ordinary office space however - the building has been designed exclusively for Hamilton’s young entrepreneurs, and utilizes a shared-resources concept that allows us to offer a full range of services to any sized business in a very affordable manner. At Platform 302, we will provide the structure and support that is needed for entrepreneurs and small businesses to flourish!

Case Study

  • Platform 302 is a cooperative office space for entrepreneurs to have access to office equipment, wi-fi, and the benefit of many colleagues to receive and give feedback on business ideas and challenges.

    It's an environment conducive to being productive in growing a business, as all members are working toward common goals. The office spaces have been snapped up and a waiting list is now in place. How to synchronize some of the energy and talent contained within this one space became the challenge.

  • Link a group of individual entrepreneurs that complement each other to create an arsenal of skills for improving and growing businesses. A business that hires the Rev Up team receives the benefit of many different companies, and ensures they will be getting specialized attention for each area of the strategy.

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